About Us

“Since the visit by the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to BRE’s Headquarters in 2011, we have been introduced to many important organisations in China and formed partnerships with national and local Government, developers and universities. jaya
Our vision is to ‘build a better world together’ by creating a collaborative programme of research and knowledge exchange on exemplar projects and developments that help raise standards and best practice in the built environment in both China and the UK. 
This year we aim to further strengthen our partnerships and relationships and broaden our reach across the country with a range of educational programmes aimed at improving our buildings, homes and communities for the benefit of people, the environment and the economy.”
Jaya Skanda, President of BRE China

About BRE

Created in 1921, BRE is a world leading, multi-disciplinary building science centre with a mission to improve buildings through research and knowledge generation. BRE is owned by the BRE Trust, a registered charity. The Trust uses the profits made by the BRE companies to fund research and education that advances knowledge of the built environment. The Trust currently funds five university centres of excellence in the UK and Brazil.

What we do

We use our research to develop standards, tools, services and qualifications that bring about positive change in the built environment, helping government and private sector clients meet the significant environmental, social and economic challenges they faces in delivering homes, buildings and communities. Services include:

  • Research – Pure and applied research programme
  • Education – Training programmes for professionals
  • Standards – Benchmarking key performance and best practice in the UK and internationally

 For more information, visit www.bregroup.com