Advisory Services

Our experienced teams can help you to deliver high quality buildings, communities and infrastructure that meet legislative, client, safety, social and environmental requirements throughout the project.

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  • Planning – we help to plan developments that are sustainable, engage the community, and are secure, pleasant places for people to live, work and travel through.
  • Design – our experts help you to design fit-for-purpose, energy efficient buildings that are safe, secure, well lit and ventilated, and make efficient use of water and other resources. We also advise on ‘smart’ technologies for assisted living, such as telecare and remote monitoring.
  • Fire safety and security – it is vital to consider fire safety and security issues from the outset. We provide advice to architects, designers, and building controllers at all stages of a project.
  • Specification – our expertise in materials and products, and our certification services, will help you to select suitable safe and sustainable materials, products and services.
  • Site – to maximise construction site safety, efficiency and sustainability we have developed the SiteSmart hub of digital resources. These include tools such as YellowJacket to help you improve health and safety on construction sites, and SmartWasteto help you cut development costs and environmental impacts.
  • Buildings in use – we carry out post occupancy evaluations to determine how well a building is performing, as well as construction troubleshooting and building investigations to identify and solve problems. We also provide expert witness services, particularly in civil litigation and technical arbitration.
  • Indoor Environments – expert advice on issues including acoustics, airtightness, energy use, HVAC, air quality, lighting, pollution and ventilation.
  • Refurbishment – our practical guidance on renovation techniques helps building professionals and housing stock managers with refurbishment projects.